Quick Facts: Silver Purity: Sterling, 925/1000 - Purpose: a plain, modern Design Letter Opener with Thread margin at handle - for VIP`s (Executive Managers, Presidents etc.) - suitable for Home or Public use - Dimensions & Execution: impressive size with a total length of 24,3 cm (8 1/2 inch) with a width of max. 3 cm (1 1/4 inch) and lightly curved - made of solid Sterling Silver with a weight of 144 gr. (more than 4 1/2 Ounces), not weighted and without engraving, Classic Modern Design - Maker & Age: made by the famous German Fountain Pen Maker Montblanc in their Hamburg workshop around 2000 - Condition: light wear from use, otherwise good (but not perfect) - Assay Marks: 925 (for Sterling Silver), Montblanc Germany on back and Star Sign on front (for Montblanc) - assay marks are clearly visible - Private Collection

Montblanc was founded in 1906 and is one of the leading Luxury Brands in the World with branches in 70 countries. The fountain pens by Montblanc have been used since generations eg. by Statesman and Economic Leaders to sign important contracts. Others just likes them because they have a passion for writing.
Sterling Letter Opener
Montblanc, Germany
A modern Sterling Design & Collector`s Piece * Photo Copyright *


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Presented by the FineArtEmporium in Hamburg.

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Other languages: Ouvre-Lettre de Argent Massif, Faca para cortar papeis Prata, Abrecartas Plata, Aprilettere Argento, Briefopener Zilver, Brevaabner Solv