Quick Facts: Silver Purity: solid Silver 830/1000 (Standard in Germany) - Purpose: a Cake Flatware Set of 17 pieces for 8 Persons including Cake Server - Dimensions: see list below - Execution: made in solid 830 Silver, the Design is called "Strand" (Beach) with a well worked out Shell at the top of the handle - Maker & Age: made in Denmark by the Silversmith (Brothers) W. & S. Sorensen of Horsens in the mid 20th Century - Condition: Signs of use, such as light scratches. Engraved letters on the back of the handles (not visible when the Set is used the normal way with tines up - as shown on the photo). Otherwise in good condition - Assay Marks: 830S or three Towers for Silver Purity and Maker`s Sign - Private Collection, Virginia (USA)

This item has been completely hand-chased by well known Silversmith Sorensen from Horsens, Denmark - two Brothers who later founded the Horsens Solvvarefabrik. The Danish Pattern "Strand" was especially polular among Seafarers, Sailors, Inhabitants of the Coastal Areas and other people who had a Maritime connection. This Silversmith followed the old Tradition of hand-made Silverware in Denmark and is known for good quality.
Silver Cake Service for 8 P.
W.& S. Sorensen, Denmark
* Silver Cake Set "Strand" with Server by Premium Maker *


This Set of 17 pieces for 8 Persons contains the following items:

8 Cake Forks (14 cm or 5 1/2 inch - Tines of forks are good and hardly used)
8 Tea Spoons (12,5 cm or nearly 5 inch - bowls of spoons have no dents)
1 Cake Server (20,5 cm or 8 inch - has light scratches from use)
2 old Silver Storage Rolls for the Forks and Spoons - with signs of age and use.

Weight of Silverware items is ca. 311 gr (or 10 Ounces). A collector might be able to find later additional items (Dining Flatware, Fish Set etc.) of this Pattern.

A Cake Set for 8 Persons in 830 Silver by W. & S. Sorensen, Horsens, Denmark, mid 20th Century
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In German: 17 Teile Kuchenbesteck in massivem 830 er Silber aus Dänemark. Modell Strand von W.&S. Sörensen aus Horsens. Privatsammlung Virginia