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Robbe Berking Silver Flatware Set

Quick Facts: Silver Purity: Solid Silver 800/1000 - Purpose: Vintage German Cutlery / Flatware Canteen, 24 + 4 pieces for Dinner - suitable for 8 Persons in wooden Flatware Chest - Dimensions: see list below - Maker & Age: made in Flensburg, Germany by Premium Maker Robbe & Berking (founded 1874), designed in the 1920s, executed 1927 or 1928 - Condition: light wear from age and use (see below), NO monogram - Assay Marks: Crown, Halfmoon, 800 (for German Silver) and Arrow Makers Marks of Robbe Berking - Private Collection, Lugano, Switzerland

Without being overloaded with decoration this flatware shows the typical style of the early Art Deco period. This is a straight (= all items by the same maker and period), one-owner Set which has been carefully preserved. All parts of this Design Silverware were hand-made in Germany with a strict quality control and high manufacturing standards. While elsewhere in the first third of the 20th Century machine-made Silverware after older designs were flooding the markets this European Silversmith continued to produce fine, handmade Silverware with unique designs.
Art Deco Flatware Set
Robbe & Berking - 1928
Art Deco hand-chased Solid German Silver 800 Standard * Photo Copyright *

This canteen / set of 24 (+ 4) pieces for 8 Persons contains the following items:

8 Dinner Table Forks (21 cm or 8 1/4 in. - Tines of forks show light wear)
8 Dinner Table Spoons (22 cm or 8 5/8 in. - Minor scratches and no dents - some have on the backside of the handle a light engraving including the date 1928)
8 Dinner Table Knifes (24 cm or 9 1/2 inch, with Steel blades and Hollow Solid Silver Handles, end of handles shows dents, Blades are good and well fixed)
4 Coffee Spoons (13,5 cm or 5 1/4 in. - two of them shows dents)
1 Classic wooden Storage Box for the complete Set by the leading Flatware Chest maker Reed & Barton (Anti-Tarnish & in very good Condition, with space for approx. more 60 items).

Total weight (including knifes) is ca. 1640 gr - Silver weight is ca. 1033 gr. (more than 33 ounces) including the coffee spoons. The weight including the chest is approx. 5500 gr. or 11 Pounds.


Art Deco Solid Silver Flatware Set for 8 Persons with Cutlery Box - Go back to the Silver Gallery page

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Art Deco Silver Cutlery Set

Canteen Silver Cutlery*

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Robbe Berking Silberbesteck

The Silversmith Robbe & Berking are today also known for delivering finest Silver Flatware to Billionaires around the World, such as for the 380 Feet Yacht "Octopus" of Paul Allen (Co-Founder of Microsoft) or for the 500 Feet Yacht "Dubai" of Sheik Mohammed Al Maktoum (Dubai) - as well as for 5-Star Hotels (eg. the Dorchester in London) and a new 7-Stars Hotel which is currently build on a Fidschi Island by the founder of Red Bull. The Owners strongly support the Yacht Sport, especially with Historic Yachts. The Company is also represented with prizes in the Golf Sports (Mercedes Benz Champonionship) and at other events. Manu Factum (handmade) quality from Germany and unique designs are typical for this Continental Luxury Brand - since 1874.

Disclaimer: Robbe & Berking, Reed & Barton, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft and other company names mentioned here are registered trademarks and all rights are owned by the respective companies or their followers.

In German: Komplettes Silberbesteck (Massiv-Silber 800er) von Robbe & Berking, Original Art Deco Design aus den 1920er Jahren und original aus der Zeit - für 8 Personen komplett mit hochwertigem Holz-Besteckkasten im Neuzustand.