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Quick Facts: Silver Purity: Germany, 800/1000 - Purpose: a Set of 6 Cake Forks and 6 Coffee Spoons, in a new cutlery roll - Dimensions & Execution: the length is 14,8 cm or 5 3/4 in (forks) and and 14,5 cm (2 Spoons) and 13,5 cm (4 Spoons) - made of solid silver with a weight of 289 gr. (9.3 Oz), executed in the pattern Dresdner Barock - Maker & Age: made by Wilkens in the first quarter of the 20th Century - Assay Marks: Half Moon, Crown + 800 + Maker`s Sign Wilkens - Private Collection

In German: Kaffee und Kuchen Set für 6 Personen (6 Kuchengabeln + 6 Kaffeelöffel) aus massivem 800er Silber von Wilkens. Modell Dresdner Barock erste Hälfte d. 20. Jhd.. Gebrauchs- und Altersspuren, sonst ok. Kein Besitzermonogramm. Punziert mit Krone, Halbmond, 800 und Herstellerzeichen.

Coffee / Cake Set for 6 Persons -
Wilkens, Dresdner Barock
Antique Set of Cake Forks & Coffee Spoons in solid Silver * Photo Copyright *


Antique hand-chased Set of 6 Cake Forks and 6 Coffee Spoons - Solid Silver - Go back to the Silver Gallery page

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