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World Register of Ship Portraits 1780-1930 by Karsten Buchholz

 This index (edition 1999/2000) shows paintings in Private Collections and in the Art Trade.

Moutte, Jn
(18.....), German / Watercolours  

*Johann Friedrich* 1855 The German Barque of Rostock off Marseilles 46,5 x 63,5 cm signed "Jn Moutte", inscribed "Johann Friederich (sic!)von Wustraw (sic!), Capt. N.Dade.1855daNew Orleans", The Werder Collection Germany

The Barque JOHANN FRIEDRICH was built in 1853 by W.Zeltz in Rostock, using a wooden construction with metal bolts and copper sheat metal, for the shipping company Joh. Fr. Bauer. 176 Lasten, 337 RGT, Length 36,50 m, Width 8,69m, D 4,94 m, flag nr. M 168, signal MCGF, one Chronometer. From 1853 to 1867 Capt. Nic. A. Dade of Wustrow was in command, 12 crew members. The Galeon showed a farmer wearing a black dress, round hat with white ribbon, holding a sickle on his chest. Often countrymen held shares of those ships, they then hat themselves portrayed as a galeon. In 1890 the JOHANN FRIEDRICH was sold to Brantisvik (Sweden)

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