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Antique Scrimshaw Whales Tooth

Inlaid Scrimshaw Desk with Maker`s Name and Date - Rosewood slant-top writing desk that is profusely inlaid all sides with varying designs using whale ivory, ebony, mahogany, mother of pearl, baleen, etc. Lower front with an inset ebony and ivory border that con- tains an inlaid star and ivory letters that form the name "THOMAS D. CARR 1850". Top front with mother of pearl crescents, stars and ovals all within an ebony and ivory border. Sides and rear with large stars, pin-wheels and geometric designs also within ebony and ivory borders. Size measuring 21"l. x 19" w. x 7 1/2" max. height. Interior accessed by lifting the hinged and slanted writing surface - Private Collection USA


Inlaid Scrimshaw Desk with Maker`s Name and Date - signed and dated 1850
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