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Image of Carl Bille Painting

Titel: "Skibe ut fra Norge" (Shipping off the Norwegian Coast) 1889, a three-masted fullrigged sailing ship in the foreground and four vessels in the background: a Brig and a Sailing Cutter on the right, a Dutch sailing steamer behind the foreground ship and Danish frigate on the left side - signed and dated "Carl Bille 1889" lower left - Oil on canvas - 42 x 63 cm (16 1/2 x 25 in.) with the frame 54 x 76 cm (21 1/4 x 30 in.) - cleaned and in good condition, period gilt frame - Private Colleciton Norway

Note: A fine and clear painting from the Golden Age of Scandinavian Marine Art. Any questions concerning this painting are welcome, please send us an email, we will usually answer within 24 hours up to a few days. Provenance: Private Collection in Hamburg, Germany

Carl Ludwig Bille (1815-1898)
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Carl Ludwig Bille (1815-1898) - Shipping off the Norwegian Coast
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Following is shown a photo of the painting with the frame:


and a detail photo and the signature:


The title of the painting "Skibe ut fra Norge" (Shipping off Norway) is written on back of the strechter. This is a fine marine painting from the Golden Age of Scandinavian Marine Art with a clear crisp maritime atmosphere and golden light(s) on the water. Anton and Vilhelm Melbye, Carl Neumann and Carl Bille are the leading marine artists of this style in the mid to end of the 19th century.