Image of Hünten Painting

Shipping off Heligoland ca. 1880 by Franz Hünten, a full-rigged sailing vessel passing the Northern Sea Island at sunset, other vessels in the background, Oil on canvas - 46 x 64 cm (18 x 25 in.) and with the frame 71 x 89 cm (28 x 35 in.), restored, in a heavy ornament and gilted period frame -

Note: On the back is a pre First Word War sticker of Louis Bock & Son of Hamburg, the leading Northern German artdealer, who exhibited works Max Liebermann and other famous artists.

Franz Johann Wilhelm Hünten (German, 1822-1887)

Presented by the FineArtEmporium in Hamburg.

Franz Huenten (1822-1887) - Shipping off Heligolandt - Go back to Marine Art Sale Category - Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium.

Following are shownn photos of the painting with the heavy gold frame:


and a detail photo:


A fine seascape / marine painting by the artist with a romantic atmosphere from the golden days of the sailing ships. This fine oilpainting by Franz Huenten is an excellent addition to your private or office marine art collection and offers great quality at a moderate price.