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Cut Crystal Glass Ship`s Decanter, France ca. 1900, lead crystal with a large number of very fine executed and decorative cuts on the glass - Height 25 cm (10 inch), Diameter at the base 19 cm (7 1/2 inch) - good condition (slight wear), complete with cut glass stopper - Private Collection

In German: Schiffskaraffe bzw. Yachtkaraffe, Frankreich um 1900 - geschliffenes Kristallglas, fein gearbeitet - Höhe insgesamt 25 cm - Druchmesser an der Basis 19 cm - guter Zustand, leichte Kalkablagerungen (nicht sichtbar wenn gefüllt)

Note: With its broad base design it was built for use on board of a ship so it does not fall over when there was heavy waves moving the vessel. It was in the 18th and 19th Century the Captains and Admirals of the Navy who used them first in their Salon to serve Portwine for guests or at the "Captain`s Table". This is maybe one of the finest ways to serve a good portwine at home, in your office or on your yacht.

Cristal GlassShip`s Decanter
(French, ca. 1900)
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Ship`s Decanter
Cut Crystal Glass Portwine Ship`s Decanter, circa 1900 - Kristallglas Schiffskaraffe, ca. 1900 -
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Here is an enlarged view of the decanter: