A French Lugger departing from a Continental Harbour at sunset, 1850s - the three-masted vessel is shown at fair weather with the French flag on the main mast, on the left a harbour town with a church is visible, in the middle background is a larger sailing ship and on the right is a pier with some rocks - Oil on Mahogony board, dimensions 26,5 x 38 cm (10 1/2 by 14 in), with frame 38 x 49 cm (15 by 19 1/2 in) - indistinctly signed (?) right on the lower pier "J.H." - old patina and shows some age signs, period frame - Price (incl. s&h): sold (convert to your currency)

Note: Julius Hintz was born in Hamburg around 1805 and first visited the local art school of Siegfried Bendixen (1786-1865). In 1840 he settled in Paris and became a student of the famous Marine artist Louis Eugene Isabey (1803-1886). From 1845 until his early death he exhibited in the Salon in Paris. His main subjects were romantic or dramatic marine painting and coastal scenes and his works appear today only rarely on the market. Photo Copyright is with us.

Julius Hintz
(French, 1805-1862)
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Provenance: Private Collection, Paris

mid 19th Century French Marine Painting
Julius Hintz (Hamburg 1805 - Paris 1862) - A French Lugger of in a Continental Channel Harbour at sunset, 1850s -
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Lugger Ships were fast sailing vessels and widely used in France, Spain and Portugal for the Coastal Trade, for Fishing and of cause also for smuggling and pirate enterprises. Several were also sailing as Naval vessels for France and Spain. This picture depits a peaceful Fishing Lugger with the crew in the boat just arriving on board and before sailing out to sea. This is a Romantic Scene with soft, warm light and in the best tradition of the French Romantic Art, as featured by Jean Antoine Theodore Gudin (1802-1880) and Louis Gabriel Eugene Isabey (1803-1886) - as mentioned before the teacher of Hintz. Unfortunately the output of Hintz was limited by his early death. He exhibited from 1845-1862 at the Salon in Paris and also in Hamburg and Lubecka.

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