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Image of Hünten Painting

Shipping off Heligoland ca. 1880 by Franz Hünten, a full-rigged sailing vessel passing the Northern Sea Island at sunset, other vessels in the background, Oil on canvas - 46 x 64 cm (18 x 25 in.) and with the frame 71 x 89 cm (28 x 35 in.), in a heavy ornament and gilted period frame - Private Collection UK

Note: On the back is a pre First Word War sticker of Louis Bock & Son of Hamburg, the leading Northern German artdealer, who exhibited works Max Liebermann and other famous artists.

Franz Johann Wilhelm Hünten (German, 1822-1887)
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Franz Huenten (1822-1887) - Shipping off Heligoland
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Following are shownn photos of the painting with the heavy gold frame:


and a detail photo:


A fine seascape / marine painting by the artist with a romantic atmosphere from the golden days of the sailing ships.