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Ship Portrait of the Brigantine "Adolph" in the Bay of Naples - ca. 1878 - The vessel is shown under full sail, Vesuvius and other shipping in the distance- , Gouache on paper - inscribed in the centre with the name of the vessel - 48 x 72 cm (19 x 28 inch) plus frame - minor signs of age, otherwise very good condition - Private Collection, Northern Bavaria, Germany

Note: This painting is framed under the antique glass and a delicate picture. We are currently offering it only for Germany and selected European destinations. The "Adolph" was built in 1867 in Apenrade and measured at 208 Tons. In 1878 it belonged to E.E. Nielsen & Capt. in Rudkobing (Rudkjobing) of Langeland (a Danish Island in the Baltic Sea). It was under the command of Capt. E.A. Hastrup and (* continued below)

Italian Artist
Naples around 1878
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* It was under the command of Capt. E. A. Hastrup and appears from 1879 until 1882 in the Lloyd`s Registers of Shipping. In 1878 it was measured by Lloyds in Hamburg and at this time a ship portrait by H. Petersen & P.C. Holm from Hamburg was done. The painting is housed in its original laquered frame and under the antique glass. The method the frame has been done is interesting too: This is not veneer (wood) what you see but the frame has been painted to imitate a wooden veneer and the paint is covered by French Polishing. Read more about the painting below ...

Italienisches Kapitänsbild
Ship Portrait of the Brigantine "Adolph" in the Bay of Naples ca. 1878, by an Italian artist from Naples
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Presented by the FineArtEmporium in Hamburg.

Following are shown some detail views of the painting:

Brigantine Adolph off Naples

This is not a simple work by a pierhead painter with a "fast brush". The vessel is depicted very detailled and there is an additional Neapolitan boat on the left side. As background we see on the left Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples and on the right side the Amalfi Coast. We believe therefore that it has been done by an advanced artist - comparable to a late work by Michele Funno or an early work by a member of the De Simone family. Probably the signature has been faded. The word "Adolph" in the centre of the grey lining below is hardly visible and possibly there were other letters on the right side. In general the colors of the picture are preserved really good indeed - except of the red color of the flags which has faded a little. There are no dark "Stripes" from gaps in the wooden background cover - as it can often be found with these Gouache pictures from Italy.

Other artists artists working in Naples in this period and in the gouache technique were Luigi Renault and Luigi Roberto. I hope one day we will find out who did it. Anyway and - most important for the captain who commissioned this painting - the name of the vessel is shown three times (in a name flag, on the bow and written in the lining). Additionally the flag of the shipping company (Nielsen) is shown on the first mast and the ship flies its nationality flag of cause.

Ship Portrait Brigantine Adolph *

Italienisches Schiffsportrait