Image of Mohrmann Painting

Ship Portrait of the Danish Steamer "L. P. Holmblad" with auxilliary sails set at sea heading for Antwerp 1894, the vessel is shown on a calm sea with a sailing ship in the background - signed and dated "H. Mohrmann 1894" lower left - Oil on canvas - 60 x 100 cm (24 x 39 in) - good condition, not relined, inpaint visible under ultraviolet light in some sky and water sections - in the original veneered wooden frame and on the original stretcher

Note: This is a typical and early large size work by the artist, who was at his time together with Antonio Jacobsen the leading portraitist of the larger European Steamers. His fine oilpainting can be found on permanent display in several maritime museums and in several private collections.

Mohrmann, John Henry (American-Belgian, 1857-1916)
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This small photo above is the best image of the painting.

Oilpainting on canvas -
Mohrmann, John Henry - Oil on canvas Ship Portrait of the Danish Steamer "L. P. Holmblad" with auxilliary sails set at sea heading for Antwerp 1894 - Go back to the Maritime Sales Category

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More images of the picture, here is first a view of the painting in its frame (photo is too dark):

The name of the vessel is shown on the bow and hull.

And a close up view of the captain on board and the middle part of the ship (colors are much too yellow and brown):

and another detail view with the bow (colors are not really correct as well):

and the canvas and frame from the back:


The condition of this painting is overall really fine. I do not see any tears or damages. It turned out after a test that most of the (professionally done) inpaint, which is visible under black light, was not necessary. There is - in parts - old dirt and wear on the surface, but after considering a cleaning I decided to leave this painting like it is, because a cleaning is not possible without a removal of the varnish and this would be dangerous for the original paint and details in this very case. This painting makes from my opinion overall a nice impression as it is.

As far as I can understand the sources in Danish language the vessel "L. P. Holmblad" was named after the famous Dragor industrialist Lauritz Peter Holmblad, who had a manufacturing fabric in Amager. He was - beside of his commercial success - especially known for being a big donator to the people in the area. He founded the "Sundby Hospital L. P. Holmblad" as well as a care and retire house for workers, supported the local church and so on. His family tree goes back to the 17th Century and also his ancestors (eg. his father Jacob) had important rules in the Danish society and was noted for their welfare to the people. Desirable and typical for Mohrmann is the "on-Deck" view of this steamer with the vessel driving slightly inclined and towards the viewer. This feature gives the painting a more lively and realistic character than a plain broadside view. This is a painting from the earlier years of Mohrmann, which shows a more sophisticated execution than the late works.