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Image of Jacobsen Painting

Yacht Racing on the Baltic Sea, ca. 1920s or 1930s, a German Yacht is sailing really fast on the open sea and tries to beat the other boat in the background, two sailors are visible on board - marked on the back with the Rosenthal sign and the title "Am Wind, nach Fritz Neumann" - painted on a porcelain plaque - 24 x 32 cm (9 1/2 by 12 5/8 inch) without the frame - excellent condition - in the period & original frame - Private Collection

Note: From the title we learn that this is a composition after a work by Fritz Neumann, a German artist born in 1881. Such yachting porcelain pictures manfactured by Rosenthal appears only very rarely on the market - this is the first I have ever seen in more than ten years worldwide. The execution of the painting is typical for the early Art Deco period and this is in fact a very decorative painting - either for hanging in on a wall at your home or onboard your yacht. As we were told by an Interior Designer this picture fits nice to modern or antique furniture of light wood (eg. Cherry / Pine) or material.

Porcelain Painting - Rosenthal (Germany, ca. 1920/1930)
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Yachting Porcelain Painting by Rosenthal, ca. 1920s or 1930s
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Here is now an enlarged view with the sailors on board:

Please note the great detail (eg. the rigging lines):

And another enlargment of the Yacht and the sailors:

and here is finally a photo of the mark on the back and a total view of the back: