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Imperial German Navy - Presentation Officer`s Sword (Sabre), 1890, made of steel, bronze and other materials, partly gilted, sword with Lion`s Head (two red eyes) and blade richly engraved with sailing ship, canons, ornaments etc. - Length ca. 92 cm (36 inch) - with the Imperial Naval Sign (anchor and crown) - wear due of age otherwise good to very good condition, presentation use only (not sharp) - Private Collection

Note: This is an early and rare example of an Imperial German Navy Sword. In contrast to the British and French Naval swords, German examples are comparable rare (since our Imperial Marine existed only until 1918). This items comes directly from the family of the Officer therefore it can be dated so exactly as being an early one from 1890.

Naval Officer`s Sword
(German, from 1890)
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Naval Officer`s Sword (German, from 1890) - Imperial German Navy / Kaiserliche Marine
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Following are shown some more photos of the sword:

Percival painting

Please note the etchings on the blade (both sides), which show Naval Scenes etc. :

H. Percival ship portrait