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Art Wanted: Sell your 19th Century Ship Portrait

We are looking for works by:

Tank (Tanck), Heinrich Friedrich (German 1808-1872) - Oilpaintings
Worked in Munich and other places in Germany
Fisherman, Coastal Scenes, Harbour Scenes, Marine, Portraits (of persons)
Prices are usually starting at EUR 750 (US$ 950), price level depends on the motif, dimensions of the painting, on the execution, on the condition and on the frame. Please send us an e-mail with at least one illustration (jpg format) to receive an exact offer for your work by this artist (free of charge for persons considering to sell their painting).
Heinrich Fr. Tank painted as well in oil on canvas as on board. His paintings are always signed (eg. "H.F. Tank") and often also dated. Most of his works date from the mid 19th Century and often include persons. The details of the shown ships are good, but the scenes may suffer from a too dramatical idea of the motif (with dark clouds etc.).
The FineArtEmporium is interested in the direct purchase of Marine Paintings (no portraits of persons etc.) by this artist and can pay a good price. Please refer to our page "Contact" and send an e-mail to with the information requested there. You will receive an answer usually within 48-72 hours (up to a week in rare cases).

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