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A double Sailor`s Valentine with seashells, Barbados ca. 1865 with the message "Home Sweet Home", in wooden boxes - 9 inch (23 cm) - for more information see description below - Private Collection

Note: These Valentine shells are typical Folk Art, brought back to America, England or the Continent by Seafarers in the 19th Century. Click here or on the image for more illustrations

Folk Artist,
West Indies, ca. 1865-70
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Sailor`s Valentine
Double Sailor`s Valentine, Barbados ca. 1880 - Size 9 inch (both together 18inch with message "Home Sweet Home" - Go back to the Marine Antiques - Photo Copyright

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This double sailor`s valentine shell picture has two matching octagonal mahogony or rosewood boxes. The work is executed with numerous colored shell and crab design. I note only less than five small lose shells, otherwise the design is in good condition. This box was fixed long time ago for hanging on the wall, therefore they are not anymore hinged together and the piece can be hang on the wall with the old rope which was mounted on the top. There is a hook (for closing) on the one item. Just to be very exact, the glass may have been replaced at some time and there is wear to the wooden cases.

And here is an enlarged view of the left item:

and of the right piece: