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Thomas Willis painting

Ship Portrait of a large American Sailing Yacht at sea, ca. 1895 - the vessel is approaching to the viewer under nearly full speed, a coastline and an American Pilot boat in the background - Oil on canvas (sea, sky and background) with ship worked out in silk and velvet (embroidery) on the original stretcher, under glass, dimensions 33 x 55 cm (13 by 21 1/2 in), with frame 46 x 69 cm (18 by 27 in) - signed, with monogram "T.W." - cleaned and in good condition - Private Collection, Northern Germany

Note: The three-masted Yacht is flying the American Yacht Ensign as well as 3 signal flags on the last mast, on the second mast is the house flag of the owner visible and on the first mast is the ensign of the Yacht Club (not yet been identified). This was not a racing yacht but a large pleasure and cruising yacht of an American Millionaire. Please also note the numerous crew members on board.

Thomas Willis
(American, 1850-1925)
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Ship Portrait
Thomas Willis (American, 1850-1925) - Portrait of an American Sailing Yacht off a coastline - Photo Copyright is with us.
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Only about 30% of all works by Willis are signed (see monogram signature on the photo right)