Nautical Instruments - Antique Yacht Binoculars by Iris de Paris, 1880-1910 - completely made of brass and glass - signed on the right "Marque Iris de Paris - Qualite Garantie" and marked on the left "Nautique" with an Anchor sign below - cleaned and in working condition, bumps from use on board - nice patina - complete with the original case (case shows strong wear). Dimensions of the Binoculars are 16 x 14 cm (6 1/2 x 5 1/2 in) fully extended it is 7 cm (2 3/4 inch) deep - Private Collection Paris, France

Note: The most used Yacht Binoculars on the Continent around the Turn of the Century were those by Iris and its competitor Lemaire, both from Paris. Several other makers have produced binoculars as well of cause, but beauty and a special model for Yachting and Marine can only be found from these two French Makers. This item is suitable for display in your living room, in an office and also for today use on board of a yacht.

Antique Brass Yacht
Binoculars by Iris, Paris
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Provenance: a Yacht Sailor from the Bretagne, France - Summary: This is an attractive addition to any International Collection of Marine Art and Maritime Antiques and could either be placed in a collector`s show case or (for example) on a chest or other piece of furniture. A nice conversation piece to talk about antique Yachting. Of cause for use there exist today better binoculars at comparable prices, because the optical technic had some progress in the last 100 years. But - such a beauty cannot be found among new binoculars.

Vintage Yacht Binoculars
Antique Brass Yacht Binoculars by Iris de Paris, ca. 1900 - for display or use on board of a Yacht - Photo Copyright is with us

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Please note above the engraved maker`s signature and sign. Photos have been taken at sunlight. This item is ready for display or use: