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Medium size Half Hull Sailing Yacht Model "Salamiss" from England, 1920s - the working model has been constructed with planks on a frame and different sections of the construction are marked with different numbers and letters. The deck and mast have been worked out separately and in good detail, including the cabin and mast. The hull shows a few areas with repairs and there are signs of age, eg. scratches in the backboard. Anyway, there is no need of restoration, the model is ready to hang. Surface is light glossy. This builder`s model is mounted on the original solid and heavy walnut backboard and the original printing of the name of the Yacht can be found lower right - dimensions of the model are 62 x 14 x 8 cm (24 1/2 x 5 1/2 in) and with the backboard 77 x 27 cm (30 x 11 in) - Private Collection

British Yacht Half Hull Model
"Salamiss" - 1920s
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This is a model of a medium size Cruising Yacht from of the 1920s, a vessel that was approx. 40-50 feet long (12-15 Meter) long. This was a boat which was sailed for cruise and pleasure purposes. The name of the vessel suggests that the owner named his yacht after a young Lady. This original period model is a desirable addition to a nautical, maritime or yachting collection or a prestigious item to decorate a home, office or yacht with the "real thing".

British Half Hull Sailing Yacht Model "Salamiss" (England, 1920s) - a Pitchpine and Hardwood half block builder`s model
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Following are shown some more photos of the model:

Photos have been taken at sunshine weather outside.

See here the upper side with the unusual detailled deck construction:

See following the backboard from behind with the original mounting for hanging:

See here the well done and detailled deck constructions with dark and medium color wood and planks: