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written by Karsten Buchholz, author of the reference book "Ship Portrait Artists":

Adam, Edmond (French, 1880-ca. 1940) - Oilpaintings on canvas (rarely also on board)
Worked and lived in Le Havre, Northern France.
Ship Portraits, Marine Scenes, sometimes with local background
Prices for typical Ship Portraits by him are starting at around one Ounce of Gold (why we mention Gold as a Measure of Value). Marine Paintings by him are also offered at lower amounts. Prices depend on subject, size, date, quality and condition. Also the subject is important, a desirable, large French or American Sailing Ship would command another price than a late (eg. 1930s) Merchant Steamer from Great Britain.
The younger son of Edourd Adam (and brother of Victor Edouard A.) - see these pages also for images - who continued the tradition and style of his father. Many of his works depict Steamers around the turn of the century and at the beginning of the 20th century. Unsigned works (and in fact not all the works of the Adam family are signed) might be confused with those by his father or his older brother. If you want to leave a comment or have a question please refer to our page "Contact" and send an e-mail.
Selling Info:
In most cases paintings by this artist would be offered locally mainly (within the country where they are located). An export to another country would in most cases make not much sense. The best chances for a sale are usually in France.
Comments by Readers:
A collector from France: "I would consider that the artwork by Edmond Adam has the weakest quality among the Adam family artists. It was also bad luck for him that the hot period of Ship Portrait Paintings - the 19th Century - had passed when he was just 20 years old. After the first World War there was not anymore much demand for this kind of art. Anyway, his paintings are not bad and of historical interest of course."

**Examples of paintings by the artist (for illustration only):

Adam, Edmond 
Known works in Private Collections and in the Art Trade - Fine Art Emporium World Register of Ship Portraits
*Manhem* 1921 Portrait of the Swedish full-rigged Ship under full sail with a steamer and coastal background beyond - signed "Ed. Adam" Oil on canvas - 60 x 92 cm British Collection
Image of Adam Painting

Ship Portrait of the German Steamer "Osnabrück (of) Hamburg, Capt. E. Sparmann 1911", the vessel under full steam off the French coast with a Bark approaching - signed "Ed. Adam", dated "1912" and inscribed with title - Oil on canvas - 60 x 90 cm - good condition - Private Collection in Berlin, Germany

Note: Typically for the paintings of the sons is the inscription in the center, which has rarely been done by the father. The name of the steamer is shown again at the bow. Click on the image to see a larger illustration.


Please note, that we have no photos or additional information about the above ship(s) or painting(s). The paintings are only shown as examples of works by the artist and are NOT for sale. If you are interested to check paintings available for purchase please refer to our For Sale Category. Thank you

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