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Image of a China Trade Painting

China Trade artist - Ship Portrait of a British Barque ca. 1865-1870, the vessel under nearly full sail at sea with a small Chinese boat in the background - indistinctly inscribed with the ship`s name on the bow - Oil on canvas - ca. 18 by 24 inch. (45 x 60 cm) - Private Collection, Nova Scotia, Canada
This is a remarkable fine executed portrait of the vessel in the tradition of the mid 19th Century China Trade Artists. There are small figures (the captain and several seaman) shown on board and its has a special appeal with its slight on-deck-view which makes the painting more lively. The vessel itself is also quite attractive with his white and black hull. Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium.

Ship Portrait of a British Barque (indistinctly inscribed with the ship`s name on the bow)
China Trade Artist ca. 1865-1870
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Presented by the FineArtEmporium in Hamburg.

This is a well and detailled executed portrait of the vessel which remembers of the old style of the China Trade Artists from 1850 until 1870 (which is different from the usual style in the 1870`s until the turn of the century). Especially the way the seaman are painted and the contrast and colors the artist used are a hint for this opinion. The vessel is shown in a more lively view than usual and with a slight on-deck-view which adds a special attraction to the painting. Accordingly can be seen the fact that not all sails are set which makes a nice difference to the "usual" China Trade painting which is either under full sail or with nearly no sails when it is a storm scene. Somewhat it can be supposed that the creator of this painting had a more sophisticated idea of art than many of his collegues in China and Hong Kong. Finally this is a beautiful ship itself with the (painted) gun ports since most of the China Trade vessels had a completely dark hull.

and a close-up view of the back of the ship:

with the captain of the vessel looking through a spyglass.