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Mohrmann painting

John Henry Mohrmann (1857-1916) - Ship Portrait of the German four-masted Bark "NAL" 1906 - the vessel under full sail on the open sea - signed and dated 1910 - Oil on canvas, 60 by 100 cm (23 5/8 by 39 1/2 inch) - good condition, professionally cleaned and restored - Private Collection, Europe

Note: The "Nal" was built in 1892 by Grangemouth Dockyard Co. in Alloa for J. Herron and Co. in Liverpool and originally named "Lord Ripon". In 1898 it was sold to the Rhederei Visurgis AG in Bremen and renamed "Nal". Finally in 1921 it was sold again to Danzig and sunk in January 1922 off Barnflet Island (near Cape Horn) in a gale. The "Nal" was mainly used for long distance transports, eg. to Chile, New Caledonia and the Delaware Bay.

Oilpainting on canvas -
Mohrmann, John Henry - Ship Portrait of the German four-masted Barque "Nal" 1906
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