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Portrait of a Nova Scotia Barque under full sail, 1868 - signed, dated and inscribed
by J.B. Pringle of Greenock
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Presented by the FineArtEmporium in Hamburg.

The Bark is shown off the Aisla Craig, a familiar land mark often seen in paintings of the Clyde River School. The painting shows the vessel flying a Lovitt Shipping Company flag. There were several Lovitts who were ship owners in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in the 19th C. Their house flags varied from a red "L" to a blue "WDL" on white grounds. Without code flags or the name of the vessel on the bow, identification is difficult. There were three Lovitt Company barques in Greenock in 1868: the George Bell, the Francis Bourneuf and the Agnes M.Lovitt.

Following a view of the painting without the frame can be seen:

and additionally an enlarged photo of the vow of the Bark with the Aisla Craig in the background: