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Large Ship Portrait of the Barque *Nordsternen* off an Island near Hull, ca. 1860 - the sailing ship is shown under full sail in two positions off an Island in the Northern Sea - Oil on canvas, 61 by 92 cm (24 by 36 inch), with frame 74 x 106 cm (29 by 42 inch) - inscribed on the bow and on a flag with the name of ship and ident. No. M 77 - Private Collection, New Jersey, USA

Note: A typical ship portrait by Tindall and an interesting early oil painting of large size. A typical feature of his paintings is to show the portrayed vessel in two positions off a coastal point and to paint three seagulls sailing over the waves in the foreground. Paintings by Tindall can be found in some Maritime Museums around the world, most notable in the Alands Maritime Museum in Mariehamn, which has no less than 14 paintings by him.

Benjamin Tindall
(British, fl. 1846-1880)
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Ship Portrait by Tindall
Benjamin Tindall (British, fl. 1846-1880) - *Nordsternen* off an Island near Hull, ca. 1860
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Following are shown some more photos of the painting:

Tindall Kapitänsbild*

and a detail photo:


This is a large painting and suitable for exposure as a centre piece in a living room, office or on a larger yacht. A viewing distance of at least seven feet (2 Meter) or more is recommended. In Norwegian language: Benjamin Tindall (Hull, 1846-80) - Skuteportrett (ca. 1860) af barken *Nordsternen* - Olje pa lerret 61 x 92 cm (74 x 106 cm) - Emigrantskip ?

As we note on this painting the barque *Nordsternen* is a quite large vessel of the time. There were not so many three-masted ships sailing from Norway in these early days. Since on the first mast the American flag is shown (which means that the ship is sailing for the U.S.A.) we suppose that this was either an emigrant vessel or owned by a larger shipping company who died overseas trade with America. In the 19th Century it was common that Scandinavian sailing ships stopped in Great Britain or Ireland before heading for Northern America.

Other works by Tindall - for your information (all paintings are not available for purchase):

Image of Tindall Painting

Ship Portrait of the "Glory" ca. 1860 The German Barque flying the Prussian Ensign is shown in two positions off an unidentified harbor - Oil on canvas - 62 x 83 cm (24 3/8 x 32 5/8 in.) - unsigned but can clearly be attributed to Tindall - Private Collection in Berlin, Germany

Note: As with his other paintings there is a group of seagulls in the foreground. The overall execution is not as fine as in the "Hellas" painting, especially in the sea and sky. Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium.

Image of Benjamin Tindall Painting

Ship Portrait of the "Hellas" (von) Stralsund c. 1858 The German Barque of Stralsund under Prussian flag in two positions at sea Oil on canvas 60 x 85 cm (23 1/2 x 33 1/2 in.) signed and inscribed "London" good condition - Private Collection Western Germany

Note: The image is showing the central part of the picture. The entire composition includes a second view of the bark seen from behind. Typical for his paintings are the seagulls in the foreground and the clouds with some spots of light. Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium.

Image of Tindall Ship Portrait

Ship Portrait of the Topsail Schooner *Viola* off Spurn, 1870s The British Schooner under full sail in two positions off the Bull lightship and Spurn with the high land low lights, a Yacht and a steamer passing in the background Oil on canvas 61 x 91 cm (24 x 36 in.) unsigned, inscribed with the ship`s name on the banner good condition (not relined, usual crackle, one tear (professionally repaired) with inpaint in the upper left sky section, slight inpaint at the edges and at the second mast), period gold frame - European Collection

Note: This bright and well executed large painting by Tindall shows a background which he used regularly in his works: Spurn with the two lighthouses and the Bull lightship. Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium.