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Image of Tindall Ship Portrait

Benjamin Tindall (British, fl. 1846-1880) - Ship Portrait of the Topsail Schooner *Viola* off Spurn, 1870s The British Schooner under full sail in two positions off the Bull lightship and Spurn with the high land low lights, a Yacht and a steamer passing in the background Oil on canvas 61 x 91 cm (24 x 36 in.) unsigned, inscribed with the ship`s name on the banner good condition (not relined, usual crackle, one tear (professionally repaired) with inpaint in the upper left sky section, slight inpaint at the edges and at the second mast), period gold frame - European Collection

Note: This bright and well executed large painting by Tindall shows a background which he used regularly in his works: Spurn with the two lighthouses and the Bull lightship.

Tindall Ship Portrait
Tindall, Benjamin (British, fl. 1840-89)- Ship Portrait of the British Topsail Schooner "Viola" in two positions off Spurn
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And here is an enlarged view of the vessel itself (the image is slightly too dark):

and here is a detail image of the bow with the figure head and seaman on baord: