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Tudgay oil painting

Frederik Tudgay. - Ship Portrait of the "Agenora" ca. 1867 The British Brig under full sail in the Channel off the Cliffs of Dover with other shipping beyond Oil on canvas 50 x 77 cm good condition, relined, period frame - Collection in Belgium

Note: The "Aganora" was built 1865 in Guernsey (Great Britain) and has been sold 1870 to the West Indies, so this painting must have been executed between 1865 and 1870. With the Attribution to the artist Frederik Tudgay the FineArtEmporium agrees and follows a written statement previously given by Christies (TM) London some years ago.

China Trade Painting
Tudgay, Frederik Tudgay (British, 1841-1921) attr. to - Ship Portrait of the *Agenora* ca. 1867
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Please find here an enlarged images of the picture with the life boat and some sailors on baord:

and a larger view of the background (cliffs of Dover, Great Britain):