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Image of Jacobsen Painting

Ship Portrait of the American Red Star Ocean Liner "Finland" in New York Harbor off the Statue of Liberty 1906, the vessel is starting its transatlantic voyage to Antwerp (Belgium) - signed and dated "A. Jacobsen 1906" lower left - Oil on canvas laid down on panel - 56 x 91 cm (22 x 36 in) - good condition, minor inpaint in the sky section upper left - period frame - Private Collection, USA

Note: A sketch and smaller oil of the Finland by Jacobsen is in the Mariners Museum (VA) - please refer to Sniffen. The Passenger "Finland" was in service for the Red Star Line New York from 1902-1928 and sailed regularly from Antwerp to New York where this painting was commissioned.

Jacobsen, Antonio Niccolo Gasparo (American, 1850-1921)
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Oilpainting on canvas -
Jacobsen, Antonio Nicolo Gasparo - Ship Portrait of the American Red Star Liner "Finland" in New York Harbor off the Statue of Liberty 1906 - Go back the main page for Antonio Jacobsen

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More images of the picture, here is first a view of the bow with the Statue of Liberty in the background:

The name of the vessel is shown on the bow. This painting shows the typical style of the matured works of Jacobsen after 1900.

Here is a detail view of the signature and date:

And a close up view of the vessel (image is slightly too dark):

and another detail view with the middle part of the Liner:

The flag on the main mast is the house flag of the shipping company (Red Star Line New York), while there is the Belgium flag on the fore mast, which indicates that this American Liner is heading for Antwerp. Although ship portraits by Jacobsen are regularly offered such a view with the Statue of Liberty and a beautiful large Transatlantic Passenger Liner can not been found very often.