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Art Wanted: Sell your 19th Century Ship Portrait

We are looking for works by:

Renault, Luigi (Italian, born 1845) - Oilpaintings on canvas, Watercolors and Gouaches
Lived and worked in Trieste and Leghorn (both in Italy)
Ship Portraits mainly of Italian, British and American sailing vessels
Offers for his oilpaintings are starting at Euro 1.200 (Continental Europe) or BP 700 (Great Britain) or $ 1,200 (in the USA). His watercolors starts at Euro 700 (or BP 450 or $ 800). Prices depend on subject, size, date, quality and condition. Please send us an e-mail to receive an exact offer for your painting (free of charge for persons considering to sell their painting).
L. Renault was a talented and very productive artist, later being appointed marine artist to King Victor Emanuel of Italy. The portrayed ship covers most of the picture and often the ship´s and captain´s name is mentioned as title in a separate lining at the bottom. He started early in his life to paint ships and was apparently trained by his father Michele Renault (fl. 1840-68), who was a Ship Portrait Artist as well. Information about the artist and his oeuvre can also be found in our book "Ship Portrait Artists".
The FineArtEmporium is interested in purchasing or selling for you fine works by this artist at a good price. Please refer to our page "Contact" and send an e-mail with the information requested there. You will receive an answer usually within 48-72 hours (up to a week in some cases).

**Example of pictures by Luigi Renault:

Renault, Luigi (and one work by Michele Renault)
Known works in Private Collections and in the Art Trade - Fine Art Emporium World Register of Ship Portraits
Image of Renault Painting

Ship Portrait of the English Brig "Admirable of Bideford, John Williams Dart Commander leaving Leghorn 1865" - signed, inscribed with title and dated - Oil on canvas - 49 x 70 cm (19 1/4 x 27 1/2 in.) - Private Collection, Northern America

Note: the typical signature of the artist is as follows:

, nearly all of his works are signed.

Brig *Alice* of Liverpool, F. de La Perelle Commander off Leghorn 1864 – The English Brig with some shortened sails off Leghorn – Watercolor – 48 x 60 cm – partially signed "Renault", inscribed and dated - British Collection

*Blowden* of Cardiff, Captain H. Coward – English Steamer with auxiliary sails – Watercolour heightened with white – 50 x 79 cm – signed and inscribed

Bark *David Kimball* of Boston A.H. Linnell Commander Leaving Leghorn 1860 – The American Barque on her way home in two positions – Oil on canvas – 55 x 84 cm – signed, inscribed and dated – ex Carter P. Whitcombe collection - Private Collection in the USA

*Earl Durham* of Newcastle on Tyne, G.R. Reay Master entering Leghorn 1859 – The English Jackass Barque under full sail off Leghorn – Watercolour – 46 x 65 cm – signed, inscribed and dated

*Emily Ellen* of Fowey off Cape St. Sebastian 1873 – English Schooner – Oil on canvas – 49 x 70 cm – signed, inscribed and dated

*E. Pluribus Unum* 1863 – English Barque – Oilpainting – 42 x 59 cm – signed and dated

Ship *H.V. Baxter* of Bath, c. Owen Commander, Entering Leghorn 1864 – The American full–rigged Ship off Leghorn in two positions – Oil on canvas – 61 x 100 cm – unsigned, but definitely a Renault – ex Carter P. Whitcombe collection - Private Collection in the USA

Barque *Leonidas* of South Shields, Capt. J. Robertson Entering Leghorn Jan. 4th 1878 – The English Barque under full sail off Leghorn – Oil on canvas – 56 x 86 cm – signed, inscribed and dated - Private Collection in Great Britain

*Levant* of Brixham, Entering Leghorn 1871 – English Schooner – Oil on canvas, laid down on panel – 61 x 81 cm – signed and dated - American Collection

*Lizzie* 1863 – English Schooner – Oilpainting – 42 x 59 cm – signed and dated

*Maria* of Douglas, William Hambly Commander 8th Dec. 1858 – English Schooner damaged (after a storm?) – Watercolor and Gouache – 46 x 67 cm – signed, inscribed and dated

Image of Renault Picture

Michele Renault (Italian, fl. 1840-68) - Ship Portrait of the German Schooner OTTO von Blankenese, Captn. Hans Lange 1855 - the vessel of Blankenese (Hamburg) arriving at Leghorn (the harbor and skyline is shown beyond) – Watercolor – signed "Painted by M. Renault, Leghorn" and inscribed with title - 52 x 67 cm (20 1/2 x 26 3/8 in.) – The Werder Collection, Germany

Note: The Schooner *Otto* was built on the shipyard Otto Dolck in Altona for Hans Lange sen. in the year 1847. It had 123 GRT and could be identified by the ensign " Z 92". The vessel was lost at sea while on her way from Ceara to England in 1861. Click on the image to enlarge the picture. Photo Copyright is with the Werder Collection.

*Pitho* of Swansea, G.Banner Master, Leghorn 1870 – The English Brigantine under full sail off Leghorn – Watercolour – 44 x 66 cm – signed, dated and inscribed – good condition

Schooner *Queen* of Penzance, W. Holman Commander leaving Leghorn June 24th 1859 – The English Topsail–Schooner off the Italian coast – Watercolour and Gouache – 47 x 69 cm – signed, inscribed and dated - German Collection

Brig *Result* of Whtistable, Jph. Pettman Master, off Leghorn July 14th 1868 – English Brig – Watercolour and Gouache – 45 x 69 cm – signed, inscribed and dated - British Collection

*White Crest (...and further inscribed) Jan. 1st 1872* – The English Barque under sail entering Leghorn harbour – Oil on canvas – 51 x 71 cm – signed, inscribed and dated

*Unidentified* – An English Barkentine under sail off the Italian coast calling for a pilot – Watercolour and Gouache – 43 x 67 cm – signed


Please note, that we have no photos or additional information about the above ship(s) or painting(s). The paintings are only shown as examples of works by the artist and are NOT for sale. If you are interested to check paintings available for purchase please refer to our For Sale Category. Thank you

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