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Image of Yorke Painting

William H. Yorke (British, 1847-1921) - Ship Portrait of the Swedish Barkentine "Emanuel" 1889, the vessel under full sail at calm sea off a costline near Liverpool with an Island and a Lighthouse on the left, other shipping beyond - inscribed with the ship`s name on a name flag and on the hull, signed lower right "W.H. Yorke" and dated 1889 - Oil on canvas, old relining (first half of the 20th C.), old inscription on the stretcher with information about the vessel - 20 by 30 inch. (51 x 76,5 cm) - Private Collection Maryland, USA
Note: As the inscription on the original stretcher tells us the "Emanuel" stranded near Skagen (Denmark) on March 7 in 1890 (the crew of 8 men was saved). This is a typical fair weather ship portrait by the artist with a very lively sea and bright execution of the barkentine.

William Howard Yorke (British, 1847-1921) - Portrait of the "Emanuel" 1889 off a coastline - Go back to the W.H. Yorke page or to the Gallery - Photo Copyright

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This is a typical and nice ship portrait by Yorke with a lively depicted ship and sea. Here is a view without the frame:

and a close-up view of the ship only:

and an enlarged view of the bow of the vessel:

and a detail view of the ship`s back: