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Ship Portrait of the Danish steamer *Kobenhavn* under sail and steam off Skagen lighthouse 1883 - the transition steamer is shown at good wether off the Skagen light ship and light house - Oil on canvas, 60 by 90 cm (24 by 36 inch), with frame 75 x 105 cm (29 1/2 by 41 inch) - signed and dated lower left "J. Dahl 1883" and inscribed on the bow with the ship`s name - good condition and bright color, original frame - The Baltic Sea Collection, Germany

Note: An impressive portrait of the large, threemasted steamship with an interesting background (Skagen is the place where the Northern Sea / Atlantic meets the Baltic Sea). This painting furthermore convinces with a realistic water, a detailled execution of the ship and interesting contrasts and colors in the sky (with a romantic touch). For more information about Jorgen Dahl please refer also to our publication "Ship Portrait Artists".

Jorgen Dahl
(Scandinavian, 1825-1890)
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Jorgen Dahl Ship Portrait
Jorgen Dahl (Danish, 1825-1890) - Portrait of the steamer "Kobenhavn" off Skagen - The lighter stripe area on the right side is due to sunlight reflection and not visible on the painting - Go back to the J. Dahl page or to the Gallery or to the Baltic Sea Collection - Photo Copyright

Following are shown some more photos of the painting:


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Being a seafarer himself Dahl had first hand experience with the Sea and the Ships. He started his career as a main profession in 1876 and his output until the late 1880s was limited to likely not more than about 500 paintings. About half of his works were executed in Gouache on paper and the oilpaintings were done in two different sizes - medium (50 x 70 cm) and large (60 x 90 cm). We can assume that the captain or owner who commissioned this painting was a wealthy man, because he choosed the most expensive execution and size Dahl had to offer. We did not find historical information about this steamer so far, but since the ship is clearly identified with its name and the four Marryot Code Flags on the last mast an expert (eg. from the Marstal Museum) will be able to find out this information. The artist is represented in several private collections and museums, eg. Maritime Museum Kronborg Castle, Elsinore - Norsk Sjöfartsmuseum, Oslo - Statens Sjöhistoriksa Museum, Stockholm etc.