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Ship Portrait of the Danish Bark *Otto geführt von Capt. J. Ahlmann* under sail off Heligoland ca. 1860 - the vessel is shown at good weather conditions near the Island in the North Sea with a Steamer from Hamburg in the left background - Oil on canvas - 47 by 64,5 cm (18 1/2 by 25 1/2 inch), with frame ca. 66 x 84 cm (26 by 33 inch) - inscribed on the left with with title - original canvas (unlined), cleaned, only little retouch, in generally good to very good condition, 19th Century gold frame - The Baltic Sea Collection

Note: The steamship shown is most likely the packet ship to Heligoland, which appears often in paintings by the Petersen / Holm artists. This work convinces with a very detailled depiction of the vessel as well as with a realistic handling of the sea and sky. There is only a trace visible from the signature on the right, but the execution, style and title writing on the left identifies this anyway as a painting by Lorenz Petersen.

Lorenz Petersen
(German 1803-1870)
Provenance: the descendants of Capt. Ahlmann * Please see the following position for the matching Captain`s Cup (Kapitänstasse) *

Captain`s Porcelain Cup with a painted Portrait of the Danish Bark *Otto* in choppy seas ca. 1860 - the vessel is shown under reduced sails on the open sea - Porcelain Cup with Saucer and Silver Spoon - the cup 9,2 cm (3 1/2 in) high and diameter of 11,5 cm (4 1/2 in), the saucer with diameter of 16,5 cm (6 1/2 in), total high of cup and saucer 10,5 cm (4 1/4 in) - inscribed on the feet of cup "Otto" and signed at reverse bottom "J.G. Hauthal" - original condition as preserved by the Captain`s family, gilting at upper margins partial rubbed, cleaned, no repair or repaint - date 1860 on saucer - The Baltic Sea Collection

Note: The Saucer is marked on reverse bottom with the maker`s sign TPM and the silver spoon is solid 800 Silver with hallmarks Crown + Half-Moon and maker`s sign SGS. Hauthal was a well known porcelain painter from Hamburg, who obviously also sometimes co-operated with the Petersen/Holm artists. We suppose the painting and the cup have been made during the same visit of Capt. Ahlmann in Hamburg. This would also explain the different view of the ship under reduced sails.

Hauthal - Porcelain Painter
(German fl. 1850s-1870s)
Provenance: the descendants of Capt. Ahlmann * Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium

Presented by the FineArtEmporium in Hamburg.

Lorenz Petersen (German, 1803-1870) - Portrait of the Bark "Otto" of Apenrade in the North Sea - Photo Copyright.
J. G. Hauthal (German, fl. 1850s-1870s) - Portrait of the Bark "Otto" of Apenrade in the North Sea
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Following are shown some more photos of the painting and cup:


and some more photos of the cup:







In contrast to many other Holm / Petersen paintings this work shows only minor crackle. The details of the ship and crew are executed with great care and not spoiled by inexpert restoration.


The Bark "Otto" was according to Lloyds of London (TM) built in 1855 in Apenrade, in 1859 the hull was metalled and Lloyds state that in 1861 and 1862 (at least) Capt. J. Ahlmann was in command of this vessel. Shipowner was stated as "G. Rabe" of Apenrade and this harbour town was also the homeport of this vessel. Capt. Ahlmann later commanded in 1875 and 1876 the Bark "Marie" of Hamburg, which was built in Apenrade 1873 and owned by A.E. Raben. From 1879 until 1881 Ahlmann was Captain of the Ship "Schiffswerft" of Flensburg, built in this town 1877 and owned by F.W. Selck.

The artist Lorenz Petersen is widely known as a quality ship portrait artist and he is represented in numerous maritime museums. He was often working together with his half-brother P.C. Holm and his son Heinrich Petersen was trained by him and painted from the mid-1850s on fine ship portraits as well. For more information please refer to our book Ship Portrait Artists or other reference books about the subject. The Museum fuer Hamburgische Geschichte, the Sofartsmuseet Abenraa in Denmark and the Museum Altona in Hamburg are good places to view paintings by Lorenz Petersen.