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Ship Portrait of the Brigantine *Arvid - Kaptn. J.E. Hellgren 1883* - the sailing ship is shown at fair weather and under full sail off Holyhead and the South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey heading for Brazil, with other sailing vessels in the distance - Oil on canvas, old relining - 50 by 75 cm (20 by 30 in), with frame 62 x 89 cm (24 1/2 x 35 in) - signed l. r. "W.H. Yorke, L`pool 1883" and inscribed with title - The Baltic Sea Collection

Note: A characteristic ship portrait by this artist who loved so much to portray sailing vessels (instead of steamers) and executed in his best period (the 1880s). This painting was carefully cleaned and there is only little inpaint in the water at two areas and in front of the bow. Gladly this artwork has not suffered from Overcleaning - which can happen so easy with Yorke paintings because the color layers are thin - which you can see especially in the well preserved water, sky and in the details of the ships (rigging lines etc.). This is a Premium Artwork in good condition. For information about Yorke see "Ship Portrait Artists" and many other Literature.

William Howard Yorke
(British, 1847-1921)
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Ship Portrait by Yorke
William Howard Yorke (British, 1847-1921) - *Arvid - Kaptn. J.E. Hellgren 1883* under full sail off Anglesey
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Following are shown some more photos of the painting:

Yorke Kapitänsbild*

and more detail photos. Under the bow in the distance Holyhead Mountain with South Stack Lighthouse is visible and there is a Topsail-Schooner approaching left of the lighthouse.



* *

History of the vessel: The Barkentine "Arvid" was built in 1882 in Oskarshamn, Sweden. Home port was Viken in West Sweden and the vessel was privately owned. A large part of it belonged to Captain Hellgren himself. Arvid was used for long travels, eg. Northern America, Southern America and New Zealand. Build solidly it was in service until 1925 when it was laid into the harbor as a Hulk for storage purposes. Finally in 1929 it sunk.

The artist: Yorke is well known ard there has been written much about him and we would like to refer to the literature on this occasion. It is commonly known that the Liverpool School of Ship Portraits artists produced the best ship portraits in oil on canvas of the 19th Century. While good and typical paintings by several Liverpool artists such as Samuel Walters, Joseph Heard, MacFarlane, Mc Minn, Robert Salmon and John Hughes have meanwhile reached price levels which are unaffordable for most collectors - well preserved paintings by W.H. Yorke offers from my opinion still a good chance to acquire a work of unquestionable quality from a well known Liverpool Ship Portrait artist at a reasonable price.

The painting: The painting is housed in an old gilt frame with "maritime" rope decoration. From my opinion this frame might not be the original or period frame, but also be around 1900 or early 20th Century. This is from our experience a typical and desirable painting from the best period of the artist - his mature style in the 1880s. It is furthermore in good condition - which is not so often the case with Yorke paintings - and the motif is quite attractive with this Brigantine under full sail and at fair weather.