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Image of John Scott Painting

John Scott (British, 1802-1885) - Ship Portrait of the Russian Sail-and Steamship "Tchihatchoff" 1867 off Tynemouth, UK - in the background a sailing ship and the coastline of that area, numerous persons are visible on board of this steamship - signed and dated "J. Scott 1867" lower right - Oil on canvas, relined, good condition - ca. 67 x 107 cm (26 x 42 in) - in a 19th Century Lemon Gold frame - The Baltic Sea Collection, Northern Germany

Note: The Ship is flying numerous ensigns and the Russian Merchant flagg has an additional Double-Eagle in the center. The name of the vessel is on the bow (in kyrillic letters). Information about the history of the steamer will be added soon.

John Scott (British, 1802-1885)
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John Scott Oilpainting on canvas
John Scott - Portrait of a Russian Steamship 1867 off Tynemouth, Great Britain -
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More images of the painting are shown following. The bow shows again the Russian Double-Eagle.