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World Register of Ship Portraits in Private Collections and in the Art Trade
Index Vessels "X,Y,Z"

Please note, that the black underlined names are the names of the vessels and not links. The links to the full text on the artist`s page are underlined and blue.
*Xarifa* – American three–masted Schooner Yacht Þ see Papaluca, Luca

*Yalona* 1904 – American Steam Yacht Þ see Willis, Thomas

*Yarta* 1890 – English Steam and Sail Yacht Þ see De Simone, Family

*Young American* 1854 – American Steam Towboat Þ see Bard, James

*Yucatan* – Barquentine Þ see Mohrmann, John Henry

*Ythan* c. 1840 – English Brig Þ see Sihtic, Carl

*Yvonne Dunkirk* c. 1900 – French 4–masted Barque Þ see Chinese Artists of different places

*Zara* 1894 – English Brigantine Þ see Yorke, William Howard

*Zeeland* c. 1844 – Danish full–rigged Ship Þ see Spin, Jakob

*Zelie* 1838 – French Sailing Vessel Þ see Roux, Mathieu

*Zephyr* – English Brig Þ see Heard, Joseph

*Zephyr* 1877 – American full–rigged Ship Þ see Yorke, William Howard

*Zoe* – English Steamer Þ see Adam, Victor

*Zouave* 1886 – English three–masted Topsail Schooner Þ see Luzzo, Antonio

*Zurich* c. 1910 – English Steamer Þ see Adam, Edouard

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